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New(ish) mics on the market!

February 27, 2010

ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED? Y’all should be, cuz Blue came out with their new “live” line of mics, the enCORE series! Now, anybody that’s read my previous posts should know that I am particularly fond of dynamic, broadcast mics for home studio recording. Why? Because it’s the best possible way to record in an untreated/loud room. So…on to more information about these new mics. There are, currently, two enCORE mics (100 & 200) on the market and two more (300 & 100i) on their way. The two available for purchase are (link to website):

I’m looking forward to trying out the 100 more than the 2oo because of it’s price, purpose, and design aimed at toppling THE Shure SM58 (SM57 as well, because the SM58 is basically a 57 with a windshield ball screwed on top). But I’m betting that these will be better than the 58 because it’s from Blue. My previous experiences with Blue microphones give me confidence that these mics are going to be absolutely top notch. Because I haven’t personally tried these yet, I won’t be able to say anything, but from what I can gather, the 100 will be a purely traditional dynamic microphone tailored for vocals and the 200 will be an “active dynamic” which needs phantom power to run with great sound properties. The 300 will be basically a condensor made specifically for live performances (doesn’t mean it won’t work in a studio, does it? *evil grin) and the 100i will be an instrumental version of the 100 (targeting the SM57…a bit too blatantly, but that’s aight.) Blue once again brings their focus on combining traditional high quality sounds with modern designs into play here, and, as usual, they’ve hit the jackpot. I’m expecting these mics to be great for both live and studio recording, especially for rap/hip hop vocals. I’ve heard that the 100 is better for male vocals and the 200 better for female vocals. Here’s a list comparing the mics:

Proprietary Dynamic Capsule: 100, 200, 100i

Fully-reinforced Construction: 100, 200, 300, 100i

Self-lined Carrying Pouch: 100, 200, 300, 100i 

Self-grip Mic Grip: 100, 200, 300, 100i

Active Dynamic Circuit: 200, 300

Transformed Output: 200

Proprietary Condensor Capsule: 300

Phantom Power Circuit: 200, 300

Custom-tuned Acoustic Circuit w/Transformer & High-pass Filter: 100i

and here are the pictures: