Shure SM57 Review

February 11, 2010

Ah…the Shure SM57. At a street price of only $99, it’s something most beginners think is not worth their money. THAT IS A BIG MISTAKE!!!! This wonderful, beautiful piece of equipment has been used by Presidents, AC/DC, prominent underground rappers, and other such distinguished people. Just because it is a dynamic mic, and not a condensor or a ribbon, both of which are generally considered made of higher quality, does not mean that it is something to be skipped on. It is, in one word, EPIC.



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My Review: It’s something that all studios, even the really really REALLY high class and world famous 0nes, have. Basically, this thing is a legend. It’s like the Grandmaster Flash of microphones. It’s old. But it’s good. Right, there are people, like the guys at electrical audio studio, who might say it’s not worth their time, but these are also the guys that can afford $10,000 ribbon mics and even more expensive custom mics. Besides, if Maroon 5, AC/DC, and Young Moe (an LA based rapper. He’s got some nice tracks) record and do live shows with it, it’s gotta be doing something right, right? One thing that budget recorders might need to be wary of is the gain needed to run this thing. You need AT LEAST 60db of good CLEAN gain. No fuzziness or anything like that. But regardless of whether you’re recording snare, bass, guitar, screaming, yelling, and other such variations of vocals and instruments, the SM57 gets the job done, and it gets it done well. So if you’re looking for a good mic that does just about EVERYTHING well, then buy the Shure SM57….besides, it looks fresh.

A lil sample as usual… You just might recognize the man:


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